Win a Free Custom T-Shirt!

It’s time to take 5 seconds and enter our Monthly sweepstakes to win free custom designed t-shirt or one already in the store. It’s as simple as 1-2-3 to enter, and it won’t involve a credit card, naming your first-born Mr. Coffee, taking a picture of the Eiffel Tower, or anything that you can’t easily do from your desktop, notebook or smartphone. Here’s how to win:

1. Go to Our Facebook Page and Like Us

Simply like our page, and feel free to like the post as well. Go here to Enter.


2. Comment on Post: “I want to win a free tee because …”

Leave a comment in the comment section of the Sweepstakes Post regarding why you would like to win a custom t-shirt – this could be for your business, organization, event, or whatever comes to mind. Examples: “I am a major coffee addict and these tees would really fit my wardrobe.” “I own a coffee shop and want a custom tee to wear in my store.” No reason is better than another, winners will be chosen at random.


3. You Are Now Entered! That Was Easy!

That was fast, and now you are closer to winning a cool custom t-shirt for yourself or a loved one.




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