12 Premium Quotes For Coffee Lovers

There are many sites around where you can find awesome quotes to share with family and friends throughout the Social Media.  I have complied a list of my top 12 favorite quotes.


1) I’d Stop Drinking Coffee But, I’m Not A Quitter

I'd stop drinking coffee, but I'm not a quitter

2) Coffee, Because I Can Count the Number of Hours I Slept on One Hand

Coffee because I can count the number of hours I slept on one hand





3) Coffee is NOT a Sometime thing it’s an ALL THE TIME THING!

Coffee is not a sometime thing - it's an all the time thing

4) WiFi.Coffee. My Bed. Perfection

WiFi. Coffee. My Bed.Perfection

5) Coffee is: A HUG IN A MUG




7) I LOVE YOU More than Coffee. (but, please don’t make me prove it)

I LOVE YOU more than coffee - but please don't make me prove it

8) Coffee: It maintains my sunny disposition!Coffee - it maintains my sunny disposition


9) I Drink Coffee For YOUR Protection

I drink Coffee For Your Protection Sticker

10) Hot Coffee and Cold Winter mornings are two of the best soul mates who ever did find each other.Winter Coffee

11) What goes best with a cup of coffee? Another cup. -Henry Rollins

What goes best with a cup of coffee? Another cup. -Henry Rollins12) I only NEED Coffee on Days Ending in the Letter “Y”

coffee only on days




Those are just a few of my favorites!  Do you have any to add? Tell us in the comments.   

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