Confessions of a Coffee Addict Part 1

As I was thinking of what to post for all of my fantastic coffee fans and followers. It came to me to start a confessions column. Not so much in the sense of telling all truths but, specifically ones that I am sure many of you can relate to; Confessions of a Coffee Addict.

So, as my day begins at 5:00 am I stumble out of bed to grab that first cup of liquid gold. The only thing that keeps me from going perfectly ballistic on my kids if they don’t move fast enough to get ready for school. (for they do not know the extent of coffee magic just yet). Once they are off I return home to start the 2nd or 3rd cup and move on with my day of business tasks and homemaker tasks. Which of course would be nearly impossible without a pot or two. Before I became a home business owner I was in the Army. I had both of my kids while in service and coffee was an integral part of my survival. I would have some even before Physical Training in the morning and drank it all day just to survive the 12-18hr work days.

Now coffee is still crucial to my daily routine but, it has also become hobby that makes me happy to talk about. As many of you know I run a Facebook Page called Coffee Drinkers Gear and also, design custom items for coffee fanatics alike. It truly gives me joy to see others smile, laugh and have various emotions to my creations. Alright enough about me. Lets talk about things that many people that don’t understand about coffee addicts.

The Hidden Cupboard of Coffee Cans

Whether under the sink or in the garage coffee cans fill up the room. Many of us have seen how to up-cycle them for uses around the house but, many of those ideas go out the window as other priorities arise. But, writing this post really makes me want to put that on my calendar and do it. As they really do take up a ton of space for things I really need the space for!

Empty Coffee Cans
What do you really want to use the empty cans for?

Click here to read 29 uses for your cans and get them out of your cupboard!

Multiple Back-Up Coffee Sources

This one may seem like well of course…but, having more than one can or bag of coffee on hand is a necessity. Running out on a morning where you have to get the kids off to school so, you can do 15 errands in one day on top of work…well that just can’t happen. For those the peruse the coffee shops if you stop and your favorite roast isn’t brewed yet…same feeling! And if you have an office coffee bar…you make sure there is always a full can next to the maker. God protect those that do not understand this!

out of coffee
This will never happen in my house!

To wrap up this edition of “Confessions of a Coffee Addict” we turn to those who understand out need for coffee. Our loved ones for those that really get it hand you a cup of liquid sanity when you arouse in the morning or arrive at work…to those fantastic people we salute you!~ With your understanding of the aromatic goodness that is dark and sweet…you have truly made the world a better place 🙂

bring me coffee

Until next time…let me know what you think in the comments below



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