Confessions of a Coffee Addict – Part 2

confessions of a coffee addict

For the last two days we have been slammed with rain and thunderstorms here in Central Texas. That means not being able to get outside and walk or even do yard work. For the most part I am okay with that, then there is a part of me that says I need to get spring cleaning done in the house. So, I put on the second pot of coffee for the day and away I go. I look at the legos and video game characters from my son’s collection and say where in the world am I going to put this stuff.

practical uses for leftover coffee cans
Here is another use for your coffee cans. Craft supplies!
Then it dawns on me…remember all of those left over coffee cans from the last post? Yup I am going to turn them into a nice little storage shelf for the kiddos things 🙂 Some construction paper, glue, sharpie and some will power outta do it.

Just grabbed another cup to continue on with this article today thinking about what to confess. There are many meme’s and funny quotes about coffee out there and so many I can relate to.

Does not play well with others before coffee
This is so me! (click the picture to grab this tee)


The biggest thing about my addiction to coffee is that I truly am non-functioning until after that first cup. Almost to the point of scary. My husband and kids know give mommy coffee before she does anything! And the longer I wait for it the grumpier I get. I know I shouldn’t be this way but, there is something about the warm brown/black water that gives me a sense of “I can get stuff done.” How about you? What is your take on your coffee need? (let me know in the comments)


I’ve never really been a black coffee drinker…I am the type of coffee person who has to have at least 4 types of creamer in the fridge at all times. But, for the days when the creamer runs out I have a bag of flavored coffee that I will drink black or I will add a bit of honey and milk. I know some people that drink “bullet proof” coffee. But, for me the idea of adding butter to a drink is out of the question. I will take it on toast instead.

black coffee or coffee with creamer
How do you take your coffee?

Some would say well if you don’t drink it black you aren’t a true coffee connoisseur but, let me tell you one thing. If I had a truly fantastic cup of joe that didn’t need a bit of cream to take the bite out I am all up for it. In fact if you have one you recommend I would love to check it out.


I wouldn’t say that I drink coffee all day but, at least until lunch time and then perhaps a cup in the evening. But, I know many that do drink it all day. For me my “need” wears off in the afternoon but, sometimes I just want to have a cup for the taste. And “iced” coffee is the best way for me to get the taste I am craving. Sometimes I make it with by just adding ice and a bit of cream or I make it with vanilla ice cream in the blender. Coffee smoothies are the bomb and making them at home for pennies vs. dollars at one of the main stream coffee shops is a big bonus. If you drink coffee all day long…why do you think you do? My dad drinks it all day…the only thing I can think of without asking is now that he’s older and he needs the energy boost all day to be able to do what he wants. Either way…there is no problem with how much you drink as long as you are not sensitive to it.

That’s what I have for this weeks Confessions of a Coffee Addict. Until Next time…




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